We no longer manufature parts but our experience in this business means we can introduce customers to very reliable, top quality suppliers for:

• Vacuum bagged prepregs (oven cured or autoclaved) with carbon, aramid, glass or other reinforcements with high performance resin systems. as used in high end motorsport and aerospace applications.

• Vacuum bagged polyester or epoxy wet layup with carbon, aramid or glass reinforcements: materials are lower in cost than prepegs, but properties are not as good.

• Open mould wet layup, usually with polyester/glass for low cost components

• Matched metal press moulded parts using prepreg epoxy/carbon materials. This produces parts with excellent surface finish (both sides) and mechanical properties.

• BIM (Bladder Inflation Moulding) uses pressurized bladders in aluminium moulds to produce extremely high quality hollow components (eg inlet manifolds) with much better internal finish than vacuum bagged parts.